About Us

Launched in 2016, MyAdsQatar.com allows users to search and post unlimited ads.  Our free classified platform provides local access to anyone to buy, sell and trade online.


The purpose of this site is to help local consumers like yourself advertise your business at little or no cost. MyAdsQatar.com is free of charge to use.

We strive in being a professional, reliable and free website.


By posting ads, whether for a product or a business, you are allowing millions of people to view that item generating exposure. The more exposure your ad receives the more likely there will be a transaction.   


Posting online classifieds is a fairly simple and flexible process. Since online advertising is browser-based, you are presented with a wide range of formats to post your advertisements. Technologies such as Adobe Flash and Shockwave also provide you with the ability to create attractive and creative adverts that your target audience can interact with.  Such software allows you to modify and design your adverts to fit audiences of different group and age ranges.


We hope that MyAdsQatar.com will generate the revenue you desire.


If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact MyAdsQatar.com


“I just wanted to tell you that it is such a pleasure to join a business such as MyAdsQatar! There are NOT many well-known and professional sources that are free to people like me who are struggling to advertise our business. Thank you so very much for this. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to upgrade to a premium level since I do realize that it costs you to keep this site free.

In the meantime I will continue to spread the word on what a great site this is to advertise on.


“I found your web site recently and was testing it by posting 3 ads, I normally posting to Facebook Group and I noticed that the person can only see my ads are the members whos on the group and a month before knowing if MyAdsQatar.com are working for me or not.
As far as how easy it is to post and layout, you’ve got a nice and easy site to work with
I will add few more post today and once I see it working for me I will post up to 100 ads all unique post.
What I am looking for from classified web site is once the ads are expired I will have the option to re-new or republish it and not have to re post them all.”



“I like MyAdsQatar.com for 2 obvious reasons...unlike some free classified sites, it's very easy to place your ad and the ads will be posted to their facebook page automatically "myadsqatar".